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City Public Library in Gdynia - European Solidarity Corps

City Public Library in Gdynia (PIC no.940228761) promotes literacy and cultural activities among all members of the local society in different districts of the city.

The aim of the library is to meet cultural needs of the society and to promote reading in various ways. As lately the libraries may be the only cultural centre in some of the districts of the city it has a second role as well – to promote cultural activities and enable all members of local society to participate in them. Volunteers will work with the local community in one branch of the City Public Library in Gdynia, helping the librarians with typical librarian tasks and supporting the organization of cultural activities.
More about work in the organization can be found in the information attached. 

We are searching for 2 volunteers to different libraries:
1. Library with Passion (Biblioteka z Pasją) directed to teenagers and youth.
2. Library of Knowledge (Biblioteka Wiedzy)focused on work with adult readers and work with scientific materials

The aims and clients of these branches are different. Please read carefully descriptions of each branch in the Detailed information  and decide which would be more suitable for you.

Who can apply? 

We are looking for a volunteer who will be communicative and open for new experiences, creative and inventive. It is welcome if the volunteer has basic English language skills and is willing to study Polish. The volunteer should be interested in methods of active education, open for people from other countries and cultures and willing to co-operate and work in group.S/he should be open-minded. We are searching for young people, who would contribute to the actions taken by the library and would like to develop his/her personality. Being interested in literature and librarian’s tasks or some artistic skills would be a positive asset taken into consideration during the recruitment process

How to apply? 

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy in the library :

1.Biblioteka z Pasją (Library with Passion) fill in this online application 
2. Biblioteka Wiedzy (Library of Knowledge ) fill in this form till 31.05.2021
Project is funded by European Solidarity Corps programme.

time frame

2021-08-01 do 2022-07-31


Gdynia, Polska

hosting organization

person in charge

Kasia Markowska