International Volunteering

Saint Nicolas Bishop Association - European Solidarity Corps

Saint Nicolas Bishop Association (PIC no. 926959549) works mainly with children and youth, but also with seniors and entire families.

We search for a volunteer to help in the socio-therapeutic common-room for kids and youth club. The volunteer will be involved in the every-day life of the organization as well as help in organizing events and actions animating the local community, festivals and family events.

The main aim of the Association is to restore hope, a sense of dignity, a desire for good, love and development. By helping, we engage people we suport, to act for the benefit of others.

Who can apply?
We are looking for a cheerful, patient volunteer who is determined to achieve the goal and respect our work style.
It is welcome if the volunteer has a good command of English and / or German and is willing to learn Polish, which would help him/her a lot in his daily life and allow to become more involved in the life of the organization.

How to apply?
Candidates interested in taking part in voluntary service should fill in an application form 

Project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union.

time frame

2022-11-01 do 2023-10-31


Gdynia, Polska

hosting organization

Saint Nicolas Association

person in charge

Magdalena Herszkowicz