International Volunteering

European Solidarity Corps - ADAPA Foundation

ADAPA Foundation (OID E10060209) works with adults with Autism and other developmental disorders, including intellectual disabilities.

ADAPA works in area of education, rehabilitation, social care and therapy. Mainly our Foundation is focused on the Occupational Therapy Workshops (OTW) that are designed to teach our participants how to improve their skills in everyday life by using practical methods. In ADAPA we have 5 thematic laboratories that our mentees atend to
: craft, art, technology, topography and cooking. During them they learn e.g.: how to make jewellery, create decorations, use computer programms or how to value money or do shopping. Classes at the OTW are held from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 and are attended by 35 adults with intellectual disabilities.

For more information please watch this film:

Your main responsibilities will be:
-helping therapists in running activities during workshops in laboratories
-possibility to conduct classes independently according to own ideas and initiative
-preparing videos/photos for social media (Instagram, Facebook)
-recording and editing videos/photos
-helping to promote the foundation's activities
-help during city trips with our participants

Who can apply?
We search for a volunteer who is empathetic, ready to act and tolerant for our participants. We would like to host a person with his/her own ideas to support work in Occupational therapy. Being creative, open-minded and patient in our work is crucial. The candidate should be well organized, like to work with other volunteers, but also be able to work independently. Motivated, ready to learn and grow person is very welcome to join us in your foundation.

How to apply?
Candidates interested in taking part in voluntary service should fill in application form before 10th of March.

More about place:
The activity will take place in Gdynia (250 000 inhabitants), which together with Gdansk and Sopot builds agglomeration called Tricity (750 000). Gdynia is a young city with modernistic architecture, built in the early XX century. It attracts many tourists and inhabitants with beautiful beaches in the city centre, music and film festivals and a couple of universities.

Gdynia ESC volunteers live in a few flats in different districts of the city and work in more than 10 different locations (libraries, NGOs, neighbourhood centres etc). Together with their mentors (local volunteers) they create a large, international and lively community of around 35 young people.

time frame

2024-04-01 do 2025-03-31


Gdynia, Polska

hosting organization

ADAPA Foundation

person in charge

Karolina Kańtoch