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DOGTOR Foundation - European Solidarity Corps

DOGTOR FOUNDATION(PIC: 938960777) supporting dogtherapy activities

Dogtor Foundation is a non-governmental organization that works in area of pet-assisted therapy. Dogtor Foundation is involved in dog therapy – a form of activity aimed at people with physical and mental disabilities and those suffering from other dysfunctions and illnesses.
We and our dogs work mainly with disabled children (e.g. with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy etc.).  We also provide specialist training for dogs and for people in regard to dog therapy, as well as a dog obedience school, educational activities for children of different age groups, teaching the correct and safe behavior with dogs and respect for animals. All the activities take place in schools, kindergartens, homes for children, hospitals and other special institutions, as well as at the Dogtor Foundation’s headquarters in Gdynia 

More about work in the organization can be found in the information attached and in this  VIDEO :) 

Who can apply?
We especially welcome applicants with a friendly attitude toward animals, who like working with children and disabled people, full of creativity, honesty, and openness. Great communication skills are a must. S/he should be open for different and new people from other countries and cultures, from different age groups and like to co-operate and work in groups. On the whole, the volunteer should be interested, open-minded to contribute with one’s own creativity in the group’s work and willing to develop his/her personality.

How to apply?
If you are interested in applying fill in  this online application before 31.05. 2021.

Project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union.

time frame

2021-09-01 do 2022-08-31


Gdynia, Polska

hosting organization

Dogtor Fundation

person in charge

Kasia Markowska